Welcome to the Trails Co-Op

Formerly known as Redtrails.com. My goal here is to form a cooperative of trail users, mappers, and reviewers to provide everyone with the best possible trail maps and info. Since the last time you saw me I’ve made the site more interactive and have based it on some excellent new Google applications. Most of the data here is from governments, big and small. I’m sure every so often you’ll see something that’ll make you scratch your head, and when you do, please either fix it and leave your stamp on the trail’s page (like wikipedia) or let me know and we’ll put it in the queue.
A special thank you goes out to people who are contributing to the site – you make it a better place to browse!

Recently reviewed trails:

Mccoy Hollow Trail – – Dec 31, 1969 – This trail was extremely challenging and dangerous for horseback riding. We had a group of six expert horsemen and felt grateful to return to camp with all riders and horses intact. Many falls with the horses, trail slip offs (too narrow with unstable edges). Absolutely would not try it again on a Grand Canyon Mule. That said, it is a beautiful trail, with breathtaking scenery.
Pauoa Flats Trail – – Oct 24, 2012 – Hiked Manoa Cliff trail to Pauoa Flats trail to the Nu’uanu lookout today. The driest it has been any time I have ever hiked it over the last 25 years. Usually rains a little or at least mists, but nothing today. Lookout toward Kaneohe was clear. Usually socked in with clouds. Unusually high volume of vog though, which locals will understand is accompanied by lack of trade winds. If you intend to hike this anytime soon, bypass the Manoa Cliffs portion via Roundtop drive due to extensive guava fruit falling from trees which attract fruit flies this time of year, or lather yourself in insect repellant. They don’t bite, but are a nuisance. Love the hiking here! This is a must do if you are on Oahu. Been through the Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Natural Bridges, etc. But I love Hawaii the best (home).
Hanging Lake Trail – – Oct 20, 2012 – Hanging lake is a beautiful hike in all seasons. It is a moderate trail, very rocky in places. The trail is largely wooded, as is the area around the lake. The trail follows the streambed below the lake. High traffic at times interrupts passage on the trail, but the breathtaking scenery at the top makes it worthwhile. Bring plenty of water and snacks, stay on trail to minimize erosion.
Bobsled Ridge Trail – – Oct 21, 2012 – The north trailhead is difficult to find and is only accessible by crossing the Umatilla River (no bridge). The south trailhead will require about two hours of driving on unpaved forest service roads. The trail shows up on Map 13 of the Walla Walla RD. After checking it out, I did not hike it since the trail is very overgrown and the north end.